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6 Amazing Virtual Reality Benefits

Not all that long ago, virtual reality was a mere dream perpetuated by science fiction novels and almost-forgotten shows like The New Adventures of Jonny Quest. Nowadays, however, that dream has become true, and it has evolved surprisingly well since it was introduced in its current form to the general public. Naturally, with new technologies […]

How Virtual Reality Influences Gambling and Vice Versa

We live in an age where many of the things that we dreamt about a few years ago have become reality. Back in the 90s, virtual reality was but a mere concept and nothing more. There was no hardware capable of bringing it to the forefront like there is now. As for gambling, it was […]

Child’s Play Virtual Reality Experience is Here

Welcome, you are among a select few chosen to meet Buddi before the general public. Today, Wednesday, June 12, prepare to encounter your best friend Chucky like never before in an all-new Child’s Play Virtual Reality Experience, coming to your mobile device, desktop, or VR headset! “From the beginning of this partnership with Orion, the goal with Child’s […]

Nerdbot Plays: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood VR

This is a “Nerd Voices” contributing piece from Nerdbot reader Chris McAuley. You can find more from him on his comic book blog or on Facebook!   I felt palpable fear. I was swallowed by a demonic looking door, its large painted clownface like something from my deepest nightmares.  The rollercoaster cart was swallowed whole as […]

Motion Sickness in VR, Gone? Fantom Fathom Says So

One of the most persistent problems in VR right now is motion is sickness. Even if you aren’t susceptible to motion sickness under normal circumstances, after a few hours playing the latest VR you’re bound to experience some form of nausea and vertigo and in some cases vomiting. So how does one end up experiencing […]