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Square Enix Reveals “Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory” 2020 Trailer

Square Enix just unceremoniously dropped a new five minute trailer titled “Kingdom Hearts 2020′ trailer. The video begins by showing images of every “Kingdom Hearts” title that has been released so far. Scenes from all of the games come together to form the words “Kingdom Hearts 2020.” It then cuts to the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra […]

“Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road” Reveals 4 New Characters

“Kingdom Hearts” is a massive game series with a plethora of characters both original and familiar. From Cloud Strife to Mickey Mouse, you’re sure to run into a character you know and love. However, it’s the original characters in the series that truly stand out. How can you not cheer on the ever positive and […]

Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Announcement at World-of-Tres Orchestra Concert

Yesterday, director Tetsuya Nomura officially announced the first DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3. The announcement was made during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World-of-Tres concert in Tokyo. Although much is still unknown, Nomura did provide enough information for fans to get excited about Kingdom Hearts REMIND. Kingdom Hearts REMIND will be more or less a Final […]