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Interview With Jerk Gustafsson Executive Producer At Machine Games

For those who are unaware of Jerk Gustafsson he is the executive producer at machine games. And has overseen all of latest Wolfenstien games that’s been released. He also plays a big part in the game designs too. The inspiration behind the idea of creating this what if the nazis had won the war, was […]

Interview With Voice Actor Jon Bailey

Jon Bailey has been a voice actor for 10 years and has worked on a number of different projects if it’s not from video games, youtube videos, even cartoons. He’s done a lot of work with Xcom, Transformers, and Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. One thing that is different from voice acting as opposed to on […]

Interview With Marc Tardif & Jeff Gardiner Makers Of Fallout 76

For those who do not know Jeff Gardiner is the project lead of Fallout 76 and Marc Tardif is a studio director. Both worked on 76 Tardif working on the battle royal mode Nuclear Winter while Gardiner oversees all of 76. Recently Fallout 76 added their own battle royal to the game.Tardif noted that a […]

Interview With Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore

For those who are unaware Fred Tatasciore is a voice actor who has worked on a number of different things. If it’s not the movies, its cartoons, and even video games. Odds are if you’re a gamer there’s a good chance you’ve heard his voice at least one in a video game you’ve played. Tatasciore […]

Interview With Voice Actress Cissy Jones

For those who don’t know Cissy Jones is a voice actress who’s been in quite a few games. Some being Telltale The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, Destiny 2, Call Of Duty Black Ops, and Firewatch. She has a new game coming out called Afterpaty. She loves being a voice actress. “It’s […]

E3 Is DisneyLand For Gamers

E3 is an annual event held every year in June. Major video game companies showcase to the public what they’ve been working on, as well was what they want us to buy in the coming months and years. It’s has for the most part always been in the LA Convention center in the heart of […]

Wolfenstein VR & Young Blood At E3

Wolfenstein is going to VR. The game is called Wolfenstein cyber pilot and you play as a resident fighter who hacks Nazi mechs and uses them to kill other Nazis. The new game Youngblood coming out is set to be the biggest one yet with lots of more content than other the other Wolfenstein. The […]

Huge ‘Fallout 76’ Updates At E3

Wastelanders is set to be a gamechanger for Fallout 76. The trailer opens up with the overseer narrating with how much things have changed. But one thing she mentions is how people have come back! So this new update will finally have the long awaited human NPC! This will have both dialogs and decisions you […]