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E3 2021: “Fallout 76” Goes Back to the Pitt

After “Fallout 76” had a bit of a rough road to being playable it appears that Bethesda is looking to remedy their reputation. Today at E3 they announced that “Fallout 76” will be going back to the roots of “Fallout 3” and adding the Pitt to play. “Fallout 76” Expeditions The Pitt will be available […]

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda Softworks in Massive Deal

In a surprise announcement, Microsoft has confirmed their acquisition of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks. The acquisition was a $7.5 billion deal. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, sent out a letter on Xbox Wire welcoming the teams into the Microsoft fold. He has this to say: “Over the years I’ve has many deep conversations with […]

Interview With Marc Tardif & Jeff Gardiner Makers Of Fallout 76

For those who do not know Jeff Gardiner is the project lead of Fallout 76 and Marc Tardif is a studio director. Both worked on 76 Tardif working on the battle royal mode Nuclear Winter while Gardiner oversees all of 76. Recently Fallout 76 added their own battle royal to the game.Tardif noted that a […]

Huge ‘Fallout 76’ Updates At E3

Wastelanders is set to be a gamechanger for Fallout 76. The trailer opens up with the overseer narrating with how much things have changed. But one thing she mentions is how people have come back! So this new update will finally have the long awaited human NPC! This will have both dialogs and decisions you […]

Mysterious Bethesda Listings Appear on Amazon

Fallout 76 has not been going well. Many players have been disappointed with the lack luster performance of the multi-player adventure. It’s no surprise then that players have been on the lookout for a new Fallout game. That vigilance led to an interesting discovery this Sunday, listings for a Bethesda product of unknown origin. First […]

Fallout 76: Impressions From a Vault Dweller

Rejoice fellow vault 76 dwellers because Reclamation Day is finally upon us! After a long and emotionally conflicted wait, Fallout 76 launched on November 14th. Fans of the franchise may want to wait a bit before exploring the wilds of West Virginia though, as Bethesda has a lot of work to do before this game […]