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5 Most Famous Career Options for Civil Engineers

Most of us usually confuse a civil engineer with an architect. On the contrary, a civil engineer can pass up as a designer and another high-profile profession. We understand that without civil engineers, our infrastructure won’t last long. However, this field of engineering has a lot more to offer than just creating roads and buildings. […]

Nanomachines Kill Cancer

Source: What a time to be alive. Scientists have developed nanomachines that can kill cancer in 60 seconds! The way they work is by little molecules that are driven by light that make their way through the cell lining then activate. A test done at Durham University took about one to three minutes to […]

Super Fighting Robots: Megabots!

Remember that time two years ago when an American Robotics company Megabots Inc. challenged the Japanese Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a duel of giants mechs a year later? I know, I can’t believe I had forgotten about that as well. Well considering the venue they had planned back out from the event causing a massive […]