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“Borderlands 3” Anniversary Celebration: New Mini-Events Every Week

“Borderlands 3” is about to be one year old! In celebration, Gearbox is offering players a free mini-event every week through September 10. This means more loot and Eridium for everyone. It’s official anniversary date is September 13, meaning that in the weeks leading up to it players can enjoy a ton of extra goodies […]

E3 Is DisneyLand For Gamers

E3 is an annual event held every year in June. Major video game companies showcase to the public what they’ve been working on, as well was what they want us to buy in the coming months and years. It’s has for the most part always been in the LA Convention center in the heart of […]

Troy Baker Isn’t Appearing in ‘Borderlands 3’

Seven years. That’s how long fans of the Borderlands franchise have been waiting for a sequel. Sure, there was Tales from the Borderlands and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but none of them scratched that itch the way a true continuation does. The latest trailer for Borderlands 3 shows many characters from these intermediate games making their […]

BorderLands 3 Set to Release On Sept 13th

BorderLands 3 has taken the internet by storm and has gotten just about everyone excited for it. To no surprise it will be coming to both Xbox One and Playstation 4. But was is shocking is that if you have a PC it will be a Epic Game store exclusive until April 2020. This is […]

‘Mask of Mayhem’ Trailer Teases ‘Borderlands 3’

Recently, Gearbox set the internet ablaze with speculation with their ‘Mask of Mayhem’ trailer. The one minute and sixteen second trailer shows many familiar faces to the Borderlands franchise. Interestingly, these characters seem to be caught inside the titular Mask of Mayhem. Clearly this game will present the same zany chaos the Borderlands franchise is […]