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YouTube Is Working On Its Own Choose Your Own Adventure

It’s no surprise that after that massive Black Mirror Bandersnatch, other major companies would try to cash on it the success. YouTube is working on its own version of that now too. A YouTube spokesperson said that it will be taken over by a new team that will focus on programming and live specials. Of […]

Bandersnatch Review

Lots of people have been waiting for the long anticipated season 4 of Black Mirror. And many thought it would drop by the end of this year (2018). But of course it didn’t instead Black Mirror took a complete 180 and made a choose your own adventure movie. Needless to say that alone got tons […]

Netflix is Releasing Black Mirror’s ‘Bandersnatch’ Film Tomorrow

Today Netflix released a trailer for a feature length movie from the Black Mirror team, Bandersnatch which will release tomorrow. The movie appears to be about a programmer who is designing a game based on a book by an renowned author who later went mad. As the programmer begins researching the authors work, he begins […]