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Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans Is Confirmed For 2019 The mid-credits scene of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies teased the return of the original animated Teen Titans. However, Warner Bros. still hasn’t confirmed how this mashup is going to happen, whether or not it will be direct to video, a short, something on TV, Internet fodder, or something else of the animated sort. The promo is included […]

DC’s Titans is Surprisingly Good

Like many other TV watching nerds, I was skeptical about DC Universe’s Titans series. I was made even more skeptical after attending San Diego Comic-Con, where Starfire’s gaudy fur coat and unflattering wig were on display at the DC Universe installation in the Gaslamp District. But apparently a well-paced superhero mystery ensemble set in a […]

‘Titans’: Netflix To Distribute New DC Universe Series Internationally

In a report from Deadline, Netflix has closed a deal with Warner Bros TV for international rights to the studio’s upcoming live-action drama series Titans. The show launches in the U.S. on October 12 on DC Universe, Warner Bros’ newly launched streaming platform, as the service’s first live-action original series. Netflix will stream Titans globally outside of U.S. and […]

TTG Movie Credits Reveals the Original Teen Titans are BACK!

A mid-credit sequence in the new Teen Titans Go: To The Movies film confirms it. The (beloved) original 2003 style of Teen Titans, directed by Glen Murakami, is coming back. There’s no report of Murakami’s return to the series. The form of the show is not yet confirmed by Warner Bros., whether Teen Titans will […]