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Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” Completely Misses the Mark [Review]

The past few years has only served to remind us what a powerhouse filmmaker can do with the ability to deliver some amazing original content. Unfortunately, the latest release from the DCEU’s chief architect Zack Snyder, “Army of the Dead,” doesn’t even begin to hold up. Dave Bautista leading a rag tag group of zombie-fighting […]

Netflix Announces Tsuburaya “Ultraman” Movie in the Works

The original silver costume clad giant hero Ultraman is returning to Netflix with a brand new CGI feature film. Titled simply “Ultraman,” the new project is currently under development for Netflix, part of a partnership with Japanese entertainment giant Tsuburaya. Among the most recognizable pop-culture characters in the world, Ultraman is the figurehead of a […]

Kelsey Grammer’s “The God Committee” Gets Summer Release Date

Kelsey Grammer will once again be taking on the role of a doctor in his latest film project. No, we’re not talking about Dr. Frasier Crane. Grammer will be taking on the role of Dr. Andre Boxer in the medical drama film “The God Committee.” Originally set to premiere at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, […]

“Space Jam” 25th Anniversary 4K Coming 10 Days Before Sequel

We understand that for some, “Space Jam” is a piece of nostalgia. Perhaps you saw it on a school field trip, or wore out your VHS during sleepovers with friends. If you’re one of those 90s kids, chances are you’ve been waiting for a 4K Ultra HD release. Coming this July from Warner Bros. Home […]

Hollywood Bowl 2021: “Black Panther,” “The Princess Bride” and More

A sure sign that things are starting to reopen again is the famed Hollywood Bowl announcing their 2021-2022 concert season. Some of this year’s offerings are absolutely things we’d love to see, including “The Princess Bride,” “Black Panther,” and more! “The Princess Bride” event on July 31st, 2021 really has our attention. The description reads: […]