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Overzealous Peter Pan Crashes Through Window in School Play

Its an odd moment when you realize you had taken something seemingly normal for granted. Especially in the last year when most of the routine events in our lives were suddenly taken away in exchange for fist fights in grocery stores over the last roll of toilet paper. You get so caught up in everything […]

Mario Is Sick Of Castles: He and Bowser Have Final Showdown

In a video on YouTube we see Mario and Bowser have a final showdown. Bowser awaits Mario in his castle as always, on the bridge. He gives himself a little pep talk, goes through the steps and then “Enter Mario!” Unfortunately Bowsers plans are shattered when Mario refuses to enter the castle. Watch how Dorkly […]

Watch: Skydiver Gets Yellow Card After Landing at Soccer Game

Two videos have emerged online of a wingsuiter making an emergency landing. The skydiver’s primary chute failed to deploy properly so he was forced to use his reserve. He landed much faster than he anticipated using his backup chute and landed in the middle of a Polish Soccer match. After he landed, he received a […]