Make Pool Time Hug Time with Adorable Sloth Floatie

I don’t know about you but I LOVE sloths. They are the sweetest, slowest little guys and if I ever have the chance to meet one in person I’ll probably cry tears of joy. In the meantime while I’m planning my ideal moment to meet an actual sloth, I can get this pool floatie and enjoy some sloth hugs! This floatie boasts the ability to give you a cool dip and a cozy hug, and I’m all for it.

The brand that makes this is called Huggables. They also make a panda and a teddy bear but today we’re focusing on Mr. Sloth. The sloth is a great friend but they are also very photogenic and could make your social media blow up with “where did you find that”.

Bonus features are that the hands that can hug you will also hold your drink while you’re out on the water. The floatie is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Check out the listing on Amazon here. And if cuddly isn’t your ideal way to spend time in the pool, check out this cool tank with a working water gun!

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