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Esports Betting Is Huge And Only Going To Get Bigger

Esports betting has seen an exponential rise during the lockdown and now analysts are predicting that the growth will continue even as traditional sports start to make a comeback. We are living in times that no one has seen in our lives and no one could have expected. All major live sports around the world were off the air for months and even now the return has been without spectators.

Taking away the crowd from sport takes away its soul and the end-result is just not quite the same.

Esports betting took off big time when the world was in lock-down as more people had more time to explore this category than ever before. There are dedicated sections at leading casinos that deal with esports, even entire casinos that are exclusively dedicated to esports betting, full-time esports betting tips blogs and podcasts, and rabid fan bases have developed.

All of this cultural infrastructure takes many years if not decades to develop but has happened in just a few short months for e-sports. Of course, it is unfair to say that esports did not exist at all before the lockdown but even its hardcore fans would agree that the growth being seen now could not have bee predicted.

Now analysts across the world are saying that the growth has just begun.

Of course, the same sort of rapid growth is not going to be seen once the world gets back to normal but the value of the cultural infrastructure developed during this time cannot be underestimated. Esports has an inherent advantage that they can be played and enjoyed from anywhere and by anyone.

You do not have to be an elite physical athlete to partake or enjoy these sports. Bad weather or lack of space if not going to stop you from playing. In fact, all you need is a reliable internet connection and you can start to develop your game immediately.

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Betting on sports is actually more important to the actual sports than it first appears. Taking part in a fantasy league or betting on the winner of the Super Bowl is as important for the NFL as it is for you. It shows that the sport enjoys mind space and build fan-engagement.

The same is true for esports.

Also, this is the year that gaming itself is going to get a big boost. Sony and Microsoft are coming out with their next-gen consoles at the end of the year. Google has already launched Stadia, its cloud gaming solution, and Microsoft is expected to do the same with xcloud or whatever it is called.

It is estimated that more people will have access to quality gaming than ever before.

Of course, the popularity of Battleground games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Destiny, and more has also turned a lot of casual mobile gamers into hardcore gaming fans. These are the people that will tune in to watch tournaments of elite players lighting out to be crowned the best in their game.

Once you have a regular supply of live esports tournaments, you are going to have even more fans. This is the cycle that perpetuates the quick growth of a sport and why analysts are sure that we have just begun to see the rise of esports.

Ancillary industries like esports betting are sure to grow with them as well.

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