Wolcen: Seven Important Recommendations for Beginners in this Game

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an Action-RPG developed by Wolcen Studio, which has been released a couple of months ago, after three years in the steam early access. This ARPG has a gameplay clearly inspired by the legendary saga of Diablo, where players must go into dungeons, or open areas full of enemies, which can only be overcome through the improvements of our character, the accumulation of experience, and the use of customizable items.

Wolcen has stood out from other similar videogames by offering a lot of features that are not very commonly found in this genre, such as: an open world full of possibilities that can be explored at the player’s discretion, a game system where the characters have no classes, as they evolve their skills depending on the style of the players and also, an incredible visual section, which was achieved with the use of the complex Cryengine 3 engine. Although Wolcen had a rather rough start with errors in the game and in the online servers, Wolcen Studio has been working hard to solve them, which has achieved great results that are demonstrated by its great popularity on Steam.

However, Lords of Mayhem can also be quite complicated and intimidating for novice players because of its difficulty, complex mechanics and skill system that offer an overwhelming number of possible combinations. But, by familiarizing yourself properly with Wolcen’s gameplay, this MMOARPG can become a fairly interesting and fun experience. That said here are seven extremely important recommendations for those who wish to get started in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.

  1. One of the most important elements to advance in Wolcen is Gold (the currency of this game), and getting it is relatively easy, as it can be found in barrels, boxes, vases, monster bags, among others. Destroy any kind of item that can drop gold, taking into account that the average amount that can be obtained is approximately 30 gp. You can also find a Golden Ladybug icon in the minimap, these are small monsters that can drop a very generous amount of gold when you eliminate them, and so you should not let them pass. 

Another quite useful method to get large amounts of gold is through the parallel markets, where through specialized websites, players can buy Wolcen gold or also Wolcen primordial affinity in exchange for real money on Eldorado.

  1. Instead of walking back to Stormfall, it is also possible to travel instantly using the city portal, but this magic takes 5 seconds to activate, so it should be used when there are no enemies nearby.
  1. In Lords of Mayhem it is essential to get Enneracts to acquire the Primordial Affinity for learning new active skills. Enneracts can be obtained by eliminating enemies, looting chests or buying them from Demetra, a merchant in Stormfall. While the primordial affinity is a kind of currency that can be obtained by consuming a certain Enneract. It is also important to mention that active skills are leveled when they are equipped and used, or by using the Primordial Affinity to force them to level up.
  1. The Gate of Fates is the character progression system in Wolcen, where players can select various passive skills to build their character into a specific game style.

Unlike any other passive skill tree you can get from any other videogame of this type, Wolcen’s allows his players to grow in any direction they wish, which are presented in three circular levels. Each of the three levels can rotate independently of the others, allowing almost any combination of paths possible.

Before choosing a path, it is important to note that some of these skills are not currently working (this is indicated in the skill’s descriptive text), as they need to be repaired for an upcoming patch.

In The Gate of Fates, nodes can be reset by spending primordial affinity, and the more nodes that are unlocked, the more affinity will be required. This option can be found in the character attribute menu. 

  1. There are three main types of nodes, which are represented by the following colors:

Purple – enhances the magic force

Green – improves long-distance attacks

Red – improves close-range attacks (hand-to-hand combat)

After selecting the first passive skill, it is possible to enter the inner circle and rotate the wheels to change the path of our character. You can also reassign all your points using the Primordial Affinity. That said, it is recommended that you experiment with all sorts of combinations until you find the one that best suits your style of play, as Lords of Mayhem allows this without any problems.

  1. Another important element in Wolcen’s gameplay is the Aspects. These consist of a mechanic where players can choose a specific being and then get their shape and skills. When the time comes to select an aspect, it is extremely important to take the time to read its description and learn as much as possible about it, until you are sure that it fits your game style. With this in mind, it is advisable to enter the Aspect interface to get more information about your current Aspect, or simply to learn a new Aspect.
  1. Lords of Mayhem is updated daily with the aim of altering some aspects, and one of them is the inventory of the Demetra merchant, so it is important to check your merchandise every day to find out if a skill worth buying appears.

Those were some recommendations that will undoubtedly help many beginners of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem to correctly start this fun and popular MMOARPG with a lot of similarity to the legendary Diablo saga.

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