Nessie’s Here To Bookmark Your Spot

When you’re an avid reader you will use almost anything as a bookmark. A piece of paper, a deflated balloon. But no matter what you always appreciate a good bookmark. In fact that’s probably one of the best gifts you could ever receive along with a gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. And I think I’ve just uncovered one of the cutest bookmarks I’ve seen in a while.

Her name is Nessie and she’s here to remind you exactly where you left off reading in that fantasy novel you had to put down. Not that you wanted to put it down, but unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way of a good book.

Nessie comes in three different colors: Red, Green and Blue. You can find her here on Amazon and she will make a nice companion for you or whoever you’re giving her to. This is one loch ness you will be able to spot.

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