Verizon is Offering a Year of Disney Plus When You Switch to Their Service

For a while now T-Mobile has been offering Netflix with their unlimited data plan. And for the most part that has done pretty well for them. Until now. Netflix stock dropped 3% this morning after an announcement made by Verizon that when you sign up for their unlimited data plan you will now get a year free of Disney+.

Not only are they doing this for new customers but for any existing 4G and 5G customers as well. From a marketing perspective this is amazing because now not only do you get new people to sign up but also are retaining the customers you already have.

While the details are not completely out in the open it is assumed that they are paying a premium to Disney in exchange for the subscribers service. There are no details if that means they cut a deal for a lower rate or just paid for an estimated amount of new subscribers.

Since Disney + rolls out right before Christmas you can expect a lot of people you know to either get upgrades or gifts of a new phone and Disney +. And with the new Iphone having just come out it will probably be a free for all at any Verizon store come this Black Friday. Including Best Buys who offer the Verizon plans.

Are you excited for Disney+? Do you need a new phone or service? Tell us in the comments if this would get you to switch providers.

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