TSA Reverses Ban on Star Wars Coke Bottles

The TSA has reversed its decision to ban the stylized coke bottles that are being sold as souvenirs at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. They are now going to treat the bottles as an oversized liquid. Meaning that you will only be able to travel with the bottle if it is in checked luggage. And they will most likely still open the suitcase to make sure that they are just Coke.

Some visitors of Disneyland are collecting these Coke bottles to display or turn into Christmas ornaments. You are allowed to also check light sabers and droids that you get at the park. The only reason that these bottles were banned was because of the unusual shape and size of them. Going through a scanning machine you can see how they could get confused with a cartoon bomb.

So for now those of you who are traveling specifically to the park to grab whatever souvenir you can from the land of Batuu are safe. You will be able to take everything that you manage to salvage from the planet. Happy travels, and may the force be with you.

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