Overwatch’s Havana to be Added to Game

Overwatch‘s new event, Storm Rising, kicked off this week with a new map: Havana. Just like last year’s edition of the Archives events, which debut the map: Rialto. Blizzard is giving us this amazing new map. This is the second map to join the game this year, following Paris.

This map is an Escort map, you’ll need to guide a payload to a trio of checkpoints or stop it from getting the end to pick up a win. The map follows a similar path to Storm Rising, starting at a car garage and winding through a rum factory on the way to a sea fort — although deprived of the event’s neat storm effects.

Other than in Storm Rising, Havana is currently only playable on PC on the Overwatch PTR server. It should make its way to the full game on PC, Xbox One and PS4 within the next few weeks.

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