Android Wallet Will Let You Carry A Digital Driver’s License

For a little while now governments have been toying with the idea of having a digital drivers licence. But the reality of it is that there are a lot of flaws with this such as if someone was to hack the app, or your phone was to die. And those are just a few things of what could go wrong with that, but Google is working on new technology to help with that.

They are working on “IdentityCredential framework” that will allow you to safely store you ID and driver’s license. This would work even if you don’t have enough battery to start your android you’ll just need power for “ secure chip and a low-power communication channel.”. That is according to the

Google is working on making it so someone can steal your info. If the phone has the hardware they will put create authentic codes that will be difficult to break. But if your phone doesn’t have the hardware it will have a keycode to unlock. And depending on what you want to do such buying alcohol only your age and the appropriate info will come up. But if your trying to do something that requires more info then it will come up.

As cool as this sounds it is going to be a while for this to come out. This is still in development and will take some time before this is in full effect!

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