Anthem’s Matchmaking Will Cover Everything

With Anthem’s full launch a month away, there are a lot of questions from players. Ben Irving, one of the lead producers of Anthem and host of many BioWare gameplay streams, took to Twitter yesterday to answer one of these questions. There will be matchmaking and it will be everywhere.

Twitter user Loki Prime asked both the Anthem game and Ben Irving’s twitters, “will there be public matchmaking or will we have to play with people that we invite to our party?” Unexpectedly, Ben Irving replied with “there is matchmaking for every activity in the game.” Irving’s tweet confirms that all aspects of Anthem will present opportunities to find worthy comrades. So far, players have only seen gameplay of Anthem’s free play mode and Strongholds (basically dungeons). This means there are many more activities yet to be seen that will all have matchmaking capability.

Players may need some help taking on this beast

In their most recent live stream, Electronic Arts confirmed that Anthem’s version of raids will not be ready on launch day. This matchmaking system will give players opportunities to grind for high level items before the raids launch. The system will also ensure that solo players are not left behind. Don’t have any friends playing Anthem? No problem. None of your friends are online at the moment? Help is literally a queue away.

So whether you choose to head into Anthem with a group of friends or explore the wilds alone is all up to you. Just remember, help will always be available when you need it.

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