5 of the Darkest Elf On The Shelf 2018

Keeping kids entertained during winter break can be a chore for some parents. There are those of us who really thrive when it comes to creating fun activities and projects for the week(s) kids are off school. If feels like almost everyone has adopted the Elf on the Shelf and according to pinterest there are millions of things that you can do with little Buddy or whatever you name it. Kids love waking up in the morning and seeing the elf in all sorts of new poses and situations. There are some parents though who really won over my heart this year and created some of the darkest Elf on the Shelf scenarios I’ve ever seen. I live for this stuff. Potentially corrupting an impressionable mind is so funny to me. But you know in a good way of course I will explain it’s just pretend or whatever but if my daughter gets my dark sense of humor then at least we will understand each other. Here are some of the darkest Elf on the Shelf for 2018.

5) Boiling Heads

4) Elf in a Blender

3) Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug

2) Not Sure He’s Going to Make it

1) He Doesn’t Feel So Good

These are all super fun and Thanos is the best way to end the elf on the shelf for good. Besides if the movie brings people back and your kid argues with you, you can always say that no one’s been resurrected… in OUR universe yet.

Happy Holidays from the Nerdbot Crew!

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