Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro Sells Out in 14 Hours

On December 14th, the limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro finally launched in America. This exclusive 1 TB console features unique Kingdom Hearts artwork on both the console and its dual shock controller. Additionally, the console comes with a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 and digital content including an exclusive in-game keyblade called Midnight Blue. There is even an exclusive theme for your PlayStation home!

Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusive Dual Shock controller
Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusive PS4 console

 The console was previously released as a Japan exclusive to the envy of many American and Canadian fans of the franchise. Needless to say, PlayStation and Square Enix’s reveal of the Western console release was met with thunderous applause. So much applause in fact, that in under fourteen hours the console completely sold out. A quick search for it on the Game Stop website will provide you with an ominous ‘not available’ in place of the pre-order option.

It is unknown if Square Enix and PlayStation will release a second batch of the exclusive consoles. The overwhelming response to its release could encourage the companies to release a second batch for those who missed it the first time. One thing is for sure, the hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 seems to increase the closer we get to launch day. 

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